TEDxUCSD | 2017 | gigi-yip
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Gigi Yip ’17

Major: Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Minor: Music | English Literature


Tell us about yourself!
I’m very quirky and spontaneous, I enjoy going to sports games, watching movies, and eating new food. I’m one of the co-directors.
What is your favorite TED talk and why?

This TED talk was about someone who survived due to their surgeons’ training, giving him a second chance. To listen to these stories of second chances and “pushing against chaos” using skill and knowledge reaffirms my belief in medicine and all its good things.

What enticed you to choose your major(s) and/or minor(s)?
Being pre-med, I’m also interested in the chemical aspect of biology as it is very important in medications, etc… I chose my music minor because I enjoy playing piano and I wish to keep practicing. I chose the English Literature minor because I believe in being well-rounded and needed to improve my writing.
What is your interpretation of this years TEDxUCSD theme, Madness and Miracles?
I think it’s about discovery and perseverance in the face of opposition.
Who/What inspires you?
Seeing patients and the pain that they’re willing to push through in order to heal and stay alive inspires me to do all I can to ensure a better tomorrow for them.
If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
Mind-reading because I can obtain a lot of information, like a great spy.
What's one thing you can't live without?
My glasses 🙂
What is one life goal that you have?
To be a pediatric surgeon.
Choose a song to describe you and explain why you chose this song.
Marchin’ On by One Republic

It’s like “Move Along” but even more forceful and with a purpose. It’s about whatever happens in life, you have to move on no matter what. And not in a spirit of defeat but with vigor.