TEDxUCSD | 2017 | ashley-levy
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Ashley Levy ’16

Major: Management Science
Minor: Business


Tell us about yourself!
I paint, play piano, act, and play any sport you can think of just to get outside. I am on the marketing team for TEDxUCSD. I worked at a coffee shop for two years and have had two internships marketing for two startup apps.
What is your favorite TED talk and why?

I think this is my favorite ted talk because it can be an uncomfortable topic of discussion for most but the impact she has in discussing something so natural is pretty crazy!

What enticed you to choose your major(s) and/or minor(s)?
I used to be electrical engineering and found that I was miserable behind a computer. Management science allowed me to keep math in my life, but in a different format that would allow me to enter the business world and interact more with other people. I want to go into marketing for a career and that is why i chose the minor.
What is your interpretation of this years TEDxUCSD theme, Madness and Miracles?
There are a lot of crazy things that happen, and even though there isn’t always a reason behind the chaos, some of the most useful and unbelievable inventions and ideas have been developed from the minds that can only be described as mad but mad in a brilliant manner.
Who/What inspires you?
My mom
If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
Power to freeze time. It would be incredible to really live in the moment.
What's one thing you can't live without?
My blanket
What is one life goal that you have?
Give someone a reason to smile
Choose a song to describe you and explain why you chose this song.
Afroman “colt 45” because it’s just funny. I don’t literally believe it but everyone is sure to have a good time